Brixton in Japan | Photos by Jason Lee

The design crew went out to Tokyo recently on a trip for fresh ideas, and to experience what the city has to offer. Japan never ceases to amaze us from its culture, commerce, food, sincerity and respect for everything, even in small spaces. It’s nice to take a step back, travel to the other side of the world to humble yourself and to appreciate the Japanese perspective of life.

Photos by Jason Lee.

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Brixton Wednesdays on Wax | X & Redd Kross

It’s Wednesday! We’re spinning some classic and rare vinyl editions of two seminal Los Angeles bands.
Punk’s original duet X along with the first EP (post-C&D) from Redd Kross.

X – Wild Gift

After listening to a podcast with John Doe a few weeks ago I went on an extensive X kick/revisitation. Los Angeles was one of my first punk rock records (thanks Dad) and I still regret giving it... Read more »

Brixton & Thrasher’s ‘Survival Spanish’ Video

Watch the Brixton Union make their way across the island of Puerto Rico: featuring Brad Cromer, Ernie Torres, Taylor Bingaman, Anthony Schultz, Kevin Coakley, Jordan Taylor, Christian Maalouf, Dolan Stearns and filmed by Ryan Garshell.


Brixton & Thrasher’s ‘Survival Spanish’

Song Credit:
Bronx River Parkway “Donde”
Tommy Guerrero “Cut the Reins”